Saturday, August 18, 2012

What will 25 days in a backpack look like?

When I created this blog, I alluded to a trip to Europe as my big YES moment. What are the details of this grand adventure? It's a Mother/Daughter trip with me playing the role of daughter.

The mission: 3 countries (England, France, & Italy) 25 days, 1 carry-on sized backpack.


When we disclosed this plan to our friends/family, many assumed we were joking. When it was realized we weren't, we were met with "But where will you put your shoes?"

After months of planning and researching and several calls to Germany, (Some tips and thoughts about the planning process will follow the actual adventure when it's all said and done), we are now 4 days away and the packing has begun.

So, what does 25 days in a backpack look like?

Well, obviously this will look differently for everyone. Even between Mom and I it differs. She has a conference to attend, I simply don't. However, assuming most backpackers are not attending a conference, we'll examine the contents of my pack:

4 Shirts
1 Swimsuit
1 Sleeping shirt
3 Bottoms
1 Dress
3 Socks
2 Underwear
1 Lightweight jacket
1 Light rain poncho
1 Pair Dr. Scholls ballet flats
1 Foldable cup (doubles as a bowl)
1 Spork Travel sized shampoo, conditioner, soap & lotion Compact folding/hanging toiletries bag
Electronics bag (Tablet,camera, battery pack, earbuds, power adapters)
2 Small travel books.

Eagle Creek packing cubes has really made this process all that much more simple. Black cube = Bottoms Blue cube = Tops, another smaller cube for socks/underwear. I use the two-sided cubes so that one side can be utilized for wet or dirty clothes. So that's a quick overview of the pre-journey adventure of packing. Oh, did I mention that all of this has been done to meet the tight carry-on weight restrictions of our airline? 11 pounds total, this includes the weight of the pack itself.

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